Siting and Sizing of Embedded Generators
: A Jamaican Network Analysis

  • Andrew Isaacs

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisPhD


Increasing costs associated with fossil fuel generation and a recognition and acceptance of the finite nature of this resource, have partially contributed to the growing popularity of alternative energy generation technology. International environmental treaties have also forced many states, primarily developing states, to deliberately review their fuels use. Jamaica having such a challenge requires accurate information regarding the impact of integrating generation from such technologies into its existing network. However, given a lack of resources, little work has been done to gather the relevant data that is required to evaluate the impact of embedded generation. Instead the findings from networks in other jurisdictions that have different operational and technical characteristics have been utilized. Anecdotal information regarding the availability of satisfactory renewable resources and the minimal impact that certain levels of integration will have on the existing network abounds among the engineering community on Jamaica.This research reviews the electricity and energy sectors of Jamaica. It further considers the efforts made by policy makers to fulfil the energy needs through a possible mix of fossil and renewable sources. Focus is then shifted to the analysis of available wind resource data which is then modelled to represent usable wind data for electricity generation. Actual system data is then used to produce an acceptable model of the current transmission network. The operation of the network is then considered on varying generation and loading conditions both with and without the inclusion of renewable sources. A final assessment of the impact of such sources is then made based on the magnitude and location in the network.The study concludes by highlighting the benefits to be derived from this work and reviews the challenges faced while conducting the study. It also recommends ways in which improvements to the system can be realized.
Date of Award1 Apr 2011
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Bath
SupervisorFurong Li (Supervisor)


  • embedded generators
  • policy framework
  • siting
  • networt impact

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