Interactive communication system simulator ICOSS.

  • A. S. M. S. Abdul-Wahab

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisPhD


This work is concerned with the design of a general- purpose time-domain interactive communication-system simulator ICOSS. Signal processing modules may be interconnected in any order, and module control parameters, as well as the system control parameters can be varied while the simulation is running. Editing of the system, structure (inserting or deleting modules) can be done on-line. The ultimate objective is to set-up a communication system simulation working on an on-line basis, with an interactive capability providing the engineer in a research environment with a bench tool, which complements the hardware apparatus. Once the prototype of ICOSS was developed, an investigation was made into one of the main areas of further development, namely, processing speed, in which a dedicated processor containing a signal processing module, comprising of microprocessor controlled unit, is coupled with the main computer, where ICOSS resides. The simulator novelty in engineering and research was tested, by using problems involving feedback links, namely, interference in a phase-lock loop and performance of fast acquisition phase-lock loop. These provided confirmation and deeper understanding of experimental work as well as proving that ICOSS was working correctly. To implement the full system requires computing power and equipment which was unavailable. Therefore, only the prototype version was implemented.
Date of Award1979
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Bath

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