Improvement of Voltage and Power Flow Control in the GCC Power Grid by using Coordinated FACTS Devices

  • Tariq Masood

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisPhD


This work presents HVDC/FACTS control device implementation framework in the Gulf cooperativecouncil’s countries. It comprises of five layers of FACTS control devices (STATCOM, SSSC, UPFC,HVDC and centralized/De-centralized Control). This five-layer architecture is designed in order toconfigure and produce the desired results; based on these outcomes, GCC power system networkcontrol and operational problems can be identified and addressed within the control architecture onthe GCC power grid.In the context of power FACTS-FRAME, this work is to identify and determine a number of powersystems operational and control problems which are persistent on the GCC power grid e.g. poorvoltage quality (SAG-Swell), poor load flow control, and limited power transfer capacity issues. TheFACTS-FRAME is configured and synthesized by integrating multiple FACTS control devices(STATCOM, SSSC, UPFC) in parallel at different locations on the GCC power grid in order to meetstringent power system control and operational requirements with improved power transfer capacity,controllability and reliability.The mathematical models are derived to indentify and determine operational constraints on the GCCpower grid by incorporating real-time and estimated data and the acquired desired results. Herein,FACTS-FRAME is designed to handle distributed computation for intensive power system calculationby integrating multiple FACTS devices on multiple networks within the GCC power network.Distributed power flow algorithms are also derived in order to understand and implement centralizedand decentralized control topologies as appropriate. The simulation results indicate the feasibility ofFACTS devices implementation and their potential benefits under current operating conditions on theGCC power grid.
Date of Award13 Mar 2013
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Bath
SupervisorRaj Aggarwal (Supervisor)

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