Considerations of the Role of Water in Economic Growth and Development

  • Souha El- Khanji

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisPhD


This thesis aims at analyzing the impact of water on economic growth and economic development. We explore different topics that are directly linked to the availability of water, which directly influence economic growth and development. The thesis consists of four studies. The first study models the effect of water utilization and water pollution on economic growth. The second study is based upon reflections on the fixed effects model and makes the distinction between the impact of the mean of a variable X and deviations from that mean on another variable Y. To date it has tended to be assumed that theseimpacts are the same; we argue that this is not always the case that countries can to an extent adjust to a specific water environment. However having adjusted they face problems when the water environment deviates from the mean. In the third study we explore the effect of different socio economic factors such as labour productivity, agricultural inputs, population density, water resources per land, and variables such as the trade regime, on water withdrawal for the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. A specific focus is on the interactions between these two sectors. This study is new in its content and its theme of the work. We argue that many global trends will put increasingpressures on agricultural and non-agricultural water use. But there is also potential for increased efficiency in this use. The fourth study tries to fill the gap in the literature that deals with development aid for water and sanitation. We explore the impact of aid and aid volatility on safe access to water and sanitation, using a newly available OECD/DAC data base. Specifically, we analyse both the recipient countries and the donors to determine the role of aid in affecting safe access to water and sanitation.
Date of Award1 Jul 2013
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Bath
SupervisorJohn Hudson (Supervisor)


  • water
  • economic development
  • economic growth
  • aid volatility
  • water and sanitation

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