An Investigation of Tin Chalcogenide Precursors and Thin Film Materials for Applications in Energy Harvesting Devices

  • Ibrahim Ahmet

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisPhD


This thesis ‘’An Investigation of Tin Chalcogenide Precursors and Thin Film Materials for Applications in Energy Harvesting Devices’’ encompasses a range of research areas. The report can be divided into two categories: The first is the design of novel heavy tin chalcogenide complexes and compounds that demonstrate the recent advances in main group chemistry and act as potential precursor candidates for CVD processes. The second category follows on from the previous, and focuses on materials deposited and their successive development, characterisation and optimisation for device applications.Subsequently, an array of metal chalcogenide thin films have been deposited and characterised within this project. By designing of a number of the tin chalcogenide precursors and precursor solutions it has been possible to selectively deposit thin films of Sn, α-SnS and cubic-SnS polymorphs, SnS2, SnSe, and SnTe via a low-cost deposition route known as aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition (AA-CVD). It is proposed that the processes developed in this PhD can be adapted to deposit a wider spectrum of metal chalcogenide materials using cost effective techniques.Even though there is a wide scope of the possible applications for the aforementioned materials, the study has only been extended towards the characterisation of the optoelectronic properties of phase pure α-SnS and cubic-SnS samples, and SnS2 thin films deposited onto FTO, Mo and graphene substrates. The optimum deposition parameters for the application of these materials has been defined. In collaboration with a research group at the Institut de Recerca de Energia de Catalunya (iREC), Barcelona, Spain, an extended study of the photovoltaic properties of the α-SnS and Cubic-SnS samples is also presented, from which a series of SnS based thin film photovoltaic devices have been fabricated and characterised. This study present some of the few reports explicitly comparing the PV properties of the two α-SnS and Cubic-SnS polymorphs.
Date of Award26 Apr 2017
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Bath
SponsorsEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, The Worshipful Company of The Armourers and Brasiers & Sigma-Aldrich Company Ltd
SupervisorAndrew Johnson (Supervisor), Michael Hill (Supervisor), Kieran Molloy (Supervisor) & Laurie Peter (Supervisor)


  • Thin film
  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Precursors
  • CVD
  • Tin Sulphide
  • Earth Abundant
  • Semiconductors

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