Advancing Building bioclimatic comfort charts for hot developing countries as an early stage design tool

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisPhD


Developing countries in the Eastern Mediterranean basin have very limited resources forenvironmental appraisal. Shortage in power supplies, and poverty, mean that there is a greatincentive to achieve thermal comfort in buildings at low cost. Passive cooling strategies, such asnatural ventilation have the potential to achieve comfortable internal conditions without theexpense of additional systems.In order to enable architects to assess the potential for passive strategies, and make informed designdecisions, pre-design informative tools are needed. Givoni’s building bio-climatic charts BBCC are anexample of such tools that allow architects to select a passive cooling strategy based on its coolingpotential for the studied climate, however, little research has been done to test their efficacy.This thesis establishes a new bioclimatic zoning for the Eastern Mediterranean region anddetermined the limitations and deficiencies of the BBCC by assessing their applicability for thestudied region. Full building thermal performance analysis of two best practice domestic buildings,using dynamic modelling software IES VE 2013, indicated that day time and night time ventilationboundaries as proposed by Givoni were not reliable and that differnt means of expressing thepotential of natural ventilation were required.New guidelines and charts advancing Givoni’s BBCC, were developed prescribing where there wasscope to adopt day time and night time ventilation, considering both localised climatic conditionsand typical practice in the region. Environmental monitoring of best practice domestic buildings wasalso conducted and the results were compared to both the dynamic modelling and the suggestedguidelines.The proposed guidelines in this thesis are expected to be of increased relevance considering therecent unrest in the studied region and the extent of reconstruction envisaged over the next fewyears.
Date of Award14 Feb 2016
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Bath
SupervisorStephen Lo (Supervisor) & Andrew Shea (Supervisor)


  • building bioclimatic charts
  • developing countries
  • natural ventilation

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