A novel method for information rich costing in CNC manufacture

  • Ayobamidele Taiwo

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisPhD


Reliable cost estimation is important for economic production, cost control and maintaining competitive advantage in manufacturing contract bidding. Therefore, estimating the manufacturing cost of a machined part is of critical importance in CNC manufacture. Computers aided systems the link to manufacturers CAD systems and databases have been used since the 1980’s to identify product cost and enable a company to evaluate resource utilisation. While the concept of an integrated costing system has made significant advances in integrating the design function with the cost estimation process, there are still major gaps in acquisition and application of detailed product data for generation of timely and reliable costing information feedback to engineers. Integrated costing systems are information intensive and require significant manufacturing data support. A major obstacle is the bespoke nature of the available cost relevant data and their storage in company specific database tailored to individual company practices. Thus there is need to consider standardisation of information from the design of component through to their process planning and manufacture. This will allow seamless exchange of detailed, cost relevant, information between other computers aided systems and costing systems to facilitate automatic and reliable cost information feedback. In this research a novel framework is specified and designed for enabling detailed product information that exists across CNC manufacturing, to be utilised for generation of reliable cost estimates. The standards based costing proposed in this thesis framework facilitates high-level integration of various CAx resources and increases the availability of product creation process (PCP) data that are applicable in costing process. A prototype implementation of the unified costing framework is utilised to demonstrate the capabilities of the framework. The demonstration is conducted using two industrially inspired prismatic test components where the components machining cycles were timed with a stop watch and the actual result compared with the prototype system estimated result to determine its reliability. The research shows that implementation of manufacturing standard that contain structured representation PCP information together with an effective data retrieval mechanism and computational algorithms can provide a standard compliant framework to realise an information rich (detailed) costing system. The potential of the proposed framework is not limited to enabling the use of detailed information that exist within manufacturing facility to generate cost information; it also provides a standard compliant approach for the development of future generations of costing systems.
Date of Award21 Nov 2013
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Bath
SupervisorAydin Nassehi (Supervisor), Linda Newnes (Supervisor) & Stephen Newman (Supervisor)


  • Manufacturing Cost Estimation Method
  • Manufacturing Standards Based Cost Estimation Methods
  • STEP-NC based costing

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