Where’s the pleasure? Exploring the meanings and experiences of pleasure in school-based food pedagogies

Emma Rich, John Evans

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This chapter examines some of the ways that young people and teachers both represent and experience pleasure, and the role this plays in the constitution of pedagogies which seek to educate young people about food. The chapter illustrates the key ways in which ubiquitous health imperatives are interpreted and recontextualised through pedagogical relationships of food unique to each school, facilitating opportunities to develop particular forms of embodiment and subjectivity. Whilst food pedagogies might focus on various aspects of teaching and learning about food, the focus of this chapter is how meanings of pleasure in relation to food also come to define particular populations and shape corporeal orientations. It explains how food pedagogies fashion particular subjective positions, not just in relation to food, but broader social and cultural meanings of the body.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2016

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