Understanding the CRYMAN Project Data Case

Mansur Darlington

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The ERIM Project has developed a method for the better management of research data for the purposes of re-use and re-purposing. This method includes making explicit the associations between data records, alongside other contextual information. To demonstrate the efficacy of this approach, one of the ERIM case studies is revisited; the contextual information available as a natural by-product of the researcher's workflow is compared to the contextual information that would have been available had the researcher used the ERIM data management method.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Publication statusUnpublished - 21 Apr 2011

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NameERIM Project Document

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ID number: erim7rep110314mjd


  • preservation description information
  • representation information
  • research data
  • information management
  • data management


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