Understanding solid-state photoswitching in [Re(OMe2-bpy)(CO)3(η1-NO2)] crystals via in situ photocrystallography

Lauren E. Hatcher

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Single-crystal-to-single-crystal nitro → nitrito isomerism is reported for the novel rhenium(I)-bipyridine complex [Re(OMe2-bpy)(CO)3(η1-NO2)], achieving a maximum conversion of 66% to a photoinduced nitrito-(η1-[O with combining low line]NO) isomer under continuous illumination. The 3D X-ray structure of the photoinduced isomer is determined by steady-state and psuedo-steady-state photocrystallographic methods, providing insight into the structural changes required to accommodate photoswitching. Photocrystallographic kinetic studies follow the progress of photoswitching with time, determining a reaction rate constant of k = 0.38(2) min−1 at 150 K. Linkage isomerism is fully-reversible on warming, and pseudo-steady-state experiments confirm that the photoexcited state is retained, at measurable occupancy, up to a temperature of 240 K. These results confirm the validity of combining photoactive linkage isomer and Re(I) photocatalyst chemistries, and the detailed determination of the photoexcited state structure will facilitate the future design of new photoactive Re(I) crystals for a range of applications.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5990-5997
Issue number39
Early online date19 Jun 2018
Publication statusPublished - 21 Oct 2018


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