Travel demand management policies: a case study of Singapore and transferability potentials for Hanoi

Trinh Dinh Toan, Soi Hoi Lam, Meng Meng, Yiik Diew Wong

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This research study investigates the travel demand management (TDM) strategies and solutions and associated policies through a case study of Singapore to gain knowledge and experiences, and to evaluate the potentials for policy transfer in TDM from Singapore to Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam. The research follows a qualitative approach that critically analyzes policies from international perspectives for lesson-drawing. The ideas generated in the literature review are reinforced by the case study of Singapore that examines relevant issues to acquire insights into policy transfer initiatives in TDM. The research identifies considerable differences between Singapore and Hanoi with respect to the development objectives, social and political settings and the governance structure of the city in general, and in transport sector in particular. The results show that there are critical political, institutional, physical and social constraints on policy transfer from Singapore to Hanoi. Given the stated critical constraints, it could be premature to conduct transfer of TDM policies from Singapore to Hanoi for the time being, but the findings from the case study have significant policy implications to Hanoi, and lesson-drawing is highly valuable and attainable. An initial screening was conducted to evaluate the applicability of policies used in Singapore as a starting point to develop a comprehensive TDM framework for Hanoi. The findings of the case study in critical contextual constraints for policy transfer should be useful in developing a roadmap for the transfer of TDM policies to a growing city like Hanoi.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100934
JournalCase Studies on Transport Policy
Early online date5 Dec 2022
Publication statusPublished - 31 Mar 2023


  • Comprehensive framework
  • Policy transfer
  • Transferability
  • Transport policy
  • Travel demand management

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