Transport in polymer-supported chemically-doped CVD graphene

Moon H. Kang, Guanyu Qiu, Bingan Chen, Alex Jouvray, Kenneth B. K. Teo, Kenneth B. K. Teo, Cinzia Cepek, Lawrence Wu, Jongmin Kim, William I. Milne, Matthew Cole

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In this study we report on the electron transport in flexible-transparent polymer supported chemically doped chemical vapour deposited (CVD) graphene. We investigate the modified carrier transport following doping with various metal chlorides. An increase in the work function was noted upon AuCl3, FeCl3, IrCl3, and RhCl3 doping, whilst only SnCl2 doping showed a reduction in work function. We attribute this to dopant-mediated charge transfer resulting in the formation of neutral atomic species. The neutral and near-neutral atomic populations produced metallic aggregates, with this agglomeration level critically dependent on the cohesive energy of the metallic component in each dopant. Micron-scale spatial conductivity mapping highlighted the spatially uniform low resistance of AuCl3-doped graphene. Local conductivity enhancements at grain boundaries and lattice defects within the as-synthesised polycrystalline graphene suggested that the dominant dopant species tend to reside at lattice imperfections. Temperature dependent transport studies indicated that the shifted Fermi level improved electrical conductivity due to the increase of barrier transparency, principally between grain boundaries. Variable Range Hopping (VRH) dominated at temperatures <140 K in undoped graphene, whereas combined Nearest Neighbour Hopping (NNH) and diffusive transport appear to play a major role in all doped samples. The findings herein reveal that the underlying extended transport mechanisms associated with chemically doped CVD graphene transferred to polymer supports contrasts with the highly localised transport in undoped graphene.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)9886-9897
JournalJournal of Materials Chemistry C
Issue number38
Early online date7 Sept 2017
Publication statusPublished - 14 Oct 2017


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