Towards epistemically-just research: a methodologies framework

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This paper interrogates the relationship between social science research and the ways of doing, knowing and being privileged in the western university. It traces a line from the colonial origins of dominant knowledge and knowledge-making practices, through the creation of a rational scientist subject, to make visible the reproduction of epistemic inequality in modernity/coloniality. The link between epistemic injustice (Fricker, 2007) and neoliberal knowledge-production practices is made clear through a particular focus on the role research methods plays in this process and a framework of methodologies for epistemically-just research is proposed.
Original languageEnglish
JournalCultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies
Publication statusAcceptance date - 17 Oct 2022


  • epistemic justice
  • Social Sciences
  • Research methodologies
  • de/coloniality
  • post-qualitative inquiry
  • western knowledge practices


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