The Use of Technology in English Medium Education

Jack Pun (Editor), Samantha Curle (Editor), Doğan Yüksel

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How can you apply e-learning for teaching and learning in your classroom? How is the virtual environment different from the traditional way of teaching? The use of technology in English medium education discusses how the use of technology creates opportunities for effective teaching practice and illustrates ways to apply innovative and stimulating ways to engage and interact with students online.

Teaching has recently become a live online broadcast, and the format of assessment has also changed. There is concern that this sudden massive adoption of online technology may discourage learners to acquire language through a more traditional approach; an approach to language teaching and learning which has a well-established history in applied linguistics research. If teachers and students move away from traditional classroom settings where they can have meaningful interactions, now heavily relying on automatic online tools (for example pre-recorded lesson clips and monologic livestream teaching), this may have a substantial impact on language learning and development.

This research-led book brings together teaching practice and case studies, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how technology can enhance teaching and learning through English as a medium of instruction (EMI). It helps you to understand the challenges that language teachers and learners may experience, and provides you with suggested solutions to address these challenges. Case studies help you to reflect on the use of technology in your own teaching. This book brings theory and practice together, and informs research and classroom practice. It will therefore be of great value to teachers in training as well as scholars in the field of educational linguistics, particularly in English language teaching, content-based instruction, content and language integrated learning, and English medium instruction.
Original languageEnglish
ISBN (Print)9783030996215
Publication statusPublished - 4 Aug 2022

Publication series

NameEnglish Language Education
ISSN (Print)2213-6967


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