The Public Librarian's Guide to the Internet

Sally Criddle, Alison McNab, Sarah Ormes, Ian Winship

Research output: Book/ReportBook


This guide aims to familiarize public librarians with the Internet, in order to help in their information work. It demonstrates the main procedures and sources needed to explore the Internet, including creating a public library web site, understanding and using Internet addresses, and net techniques. The book covers all the issues affecting public library use, as well as identifying key resources in: reference materials (for example, sport, travel and history), literature, children's work including homework, family history, community information, business information and lifelong learning. It can be used by public librarians with little or no experience of the Internet. Topics discussed include: what is the Internet and how can it assist you?; understanding and using Internet addresses; essential communication skills on the Internet; net techniques explained; tips on browsing for (subject) information; tips on searching for information; developing public library web services; public access issues; professional use; creating a public library web site; and design and web management issues.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherLibrary Association Publishing
Number of pages264
ISBN (Print)9781856043281
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jul 2000

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