The Effect of Windfarms Location on Value of Wind by Considering Security

Vandad Hamidi, Furong Li, L Yao, Soc Energy (Editor)

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The value of intermittent wind generation is significantly affected by their penetration and concentration, and is further affected by their location within a network. This is because the location and penetration level of wind generation will result in significant impact on power flow distribution across the network. When increasing the penetration and concentration of wind generation in a power system, system security may also be impacted. The degree of change on system security is again affected by wind farm location, which in turn will affect the value of wind. In this paper, the benchmark power system operational cost and emission cost, without any wind penetration, is evaluated first, considering all network and generation constraints. By increasing the wind penetration and moving wind farm locations around the network, the value of wind at differing locations is quantified via the comparison with the benchmark operational and emission costs. The quantification was evaluated on the IEEE 30 busbar system through Security Constraint Unit Commitment (SCUC) and results indicate that the value of wind is significantly affected by its location and penetration level in a system.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2008
EventGeneral Meeting of the IEEE Power and Energy Society - Pittsburgh, PA, USA United States
Duration: 20 Jul 200824 Jul 2008


ConferenceGeneral Meeting of the IEEE Power and Energy Society
Country/TerritoryUSA United States
CityPittsburgh, PA


  • Value of Wind
  • Security Constraint Unit Commitment
  • Wind Penetration
  • Capacity Credit
  • Renewable Energy


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