‘The Climate Has Always Been Changing’: Sarah Palin, Climate Change Denialism, and American Conservatism

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Celebrity politician Sarah Palin diffused climate denialism, while advocating a version of social and political conservatism. This article scrutinises her rhetoric and argues that she crafted and performed a brand or ethos that resonated with common-sense conservatism, while at the same time reinforcing and popularising this doctrine. The article discerns the epistemological and ontological premises of Palin’s ideological position and probes how she used her image as an anti-intellectual, frontier individual to speak common sense and to advocate free-market ideology and climate denialism. The article, then, contributes to our understanding of how celebrity politicians craft and use ethos to promote anti-environmental agendas and ideological positions. It also highlights the embeddedness of climate denialism in the political conviction that Palin espoused.
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JournalCelebrity Studies
Early online date17 Sep 2019
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  • Climate denialism
  • celebrity politics
  • common sense
  • conservatism
  • ethos
  • rhetoric

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