Title full: Synthesis of the dimetal compounds [FeW{μ-PPh2 · CH · CH2 C(C6H4Me-4)}(CO)55- C5Me5)] and [FeMo{μ-PPh2 · CH · CH2 · C(C6H4Me-4)}(CO)55- C5H5)]; molecular structure of the iron-tungsten compound. Reactions between diphenyl(vinyl)phosphine and the compounds [FeW(μ-CC6H4Me-4)(CO)5 5-C5Me5)] and [FeMo(μ-CC6H4Me-4)(CO)6 5-C5H5)] result in a coupling of the vinyl and p-tolylmethylidyne groups at the dimetal centres to produce the PPh2 · CH · CH2 · C(C6H4Me-4) fragment, which bridges the metal-metal bonds. This was confirmed by an X-ray diffraction study on [FeW{μ-PPh2 · CH · CH2 · C(C6H4Me-4)}(CO)55- C5Me5)].

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Publication statusPublished - 1987

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