Superconducting traction transformer: Traction - the HTS Transformer Killer Application?

Wenjuan Song, Zhenan Jiang, Mike Staines, Stuart Wimbush, Jin Fang, Jinping Zhang, Rodney Badcock

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An ongoing project to develop HTS traction transformers for the Chinese Fuxing high-speed train is demonstrating that the high power density accessible using high temperature superconductors (HTS) can produce spectacular results: the existing 6.5 MVA traction transformers can be replaced with drop-in superconducting transformers which can achieve targets of less than 3 tons transformer system weight and 99.5% efficiency compared to 6 tons and 95% in the existing devices.
The key to achieving these impressive figures is minimising the AC loss of the HTS windings. New high-performance wire, high current HTS Roebel conductor, high aspect-ratio windings, and flux diverters placed at the winding ends all contribute to reducing the electrical loss to less than 2 kW.


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