Subjective task value in physical activity participation: The perspective of Hong Kong schoolchildren

Bonnie Pang, Amy Sau Ching Ha

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Subjective Task Value (STV) is a multidimensional construct of values predominantly used to examine western culture (Eccles et al., 1983); it is influential in motivating individuals to make choices and display long-lasting behaviours. While existing studies were conducted with western populations, the manifestation of value has yet to be investigated from the viewpoint of the Chinese culture. This study sought, first, to test the validity of the construct with schoolchildren in the Hong Kong cultural context; second, to investigate gender differences in children's STV and physical activity participation, and last, to examine relationships between the STV components and physical activity participation. Questionnaires were completed by 172 boys and 163 girls (mean age = 10.71) in assessing their STV in physical activity, and participation in physical activity. Significant findings were as follows. (1) Confirmatory factor analysis provided initial support to the multidimensional construct of STV (intrinsic, attainment and utility value) as construed by Eccleset al.(1983). (2) The three value constructs significantly correlated with the children's physical activity participation. (3) Boys and girls differed in their intrinsic value and utility value but not attainment value. (4) Utility value had the greatest effect in predicting boys' and girls' physical activity participation. These results supported the validity of the STV model with Hong Kong Chinese schoolchildren and provided empirical evidence that there is a need to embed cultural and gender strategies in order to further promote Hong Kong children's participation in physical activity.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalEuropean Physical Education Review
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2010

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  • Hong Kong schoolchildren
  • physical activity participation
  • subjective task value

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