SOI CMOS MEMS infra-red thermal source with carbon nanotubes coating

A De Luca, Matthew Cole, R. H. Hopper, S. Z. Ali, F. Udrea, J. W. Gardner, W I Milne

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This abstract presents the development of a Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) micro-hotplate based infra-red (IR) light source employing a vertically aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes (VAMWCNTs) emission layer. Chips were batch fabricated using a standard SOI CMOS process with tungsten metalization followed by a deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) post-CMOS process. VA-MWCNTs were grown at the chip level with a proven in-situ technique. The CNTs coated devices were compared with uncoated devices. Herein we discuss the device performance in terms of power dissipation, beam collimation, thermal transient times, integrated emitted radiation and emitted radiation spectral profile.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)839-842
Number of pages4
JournalProcedia Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Carbon-nanotubes
  • CMOS
  • MEMS
  • Micro-hotplate
  • Silion-on-insulator
  • Thermal source

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