Series connecting devices for high-voltage power conversion

F V Robinson, V Hamidi

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Novel dynamic voltage-sharing schemes have been developed to allow any high-voltage power-semiconductor device, e.g. thyristor, IGCT, IGBT or power MOSFET, to be series-connected in strings, and switched as simply and rapidly in high-voltage applications as single devices. The circuits have many of the advantages of simply using RC or RCD snubbers, including being easily applicable to both low- and high-side switches. However, because the snubber capacitors are not fully discharged their associated reset current and power-losses are minimized. To illustrate the principle of operation experimentally, a string of three series-connected power MOSFETs switching 100 A from 330 V has been used to obtain practical waveforms. The schemes are discussed and illustrated, using SPICE simulation results. The new, relatively simple voltage-sharing schemes are much easier to design and optimize than recently reported active gate-control and regenerative-snubber methods, allow very rapid turn-on and turn-off switching, and give composite- device switches a usable voltage rating similar to the aggregated voltage ratings of the string.
Original languageEnglish
Pages1134-1139. 42nd International Universities Power Engineering Conference.
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventUniversities Power Engineering Conference, 2007. UPEC 2007. 42nd International -
Duration: 1 Jan 2007 → …


ConferenceUniversities Power Engineering Conference, 2007. UPEC 2007. 42nd International
Period1/01/07 → …


  • power conversion
  • dynamic voltage-sharing schemes
  • power capacitors
  • series connecting devices
  • power MOSFET
  • snubbers
  • high-side switches
  • voltage balancing
  • turn-off switching
  • series connected IGBT
  • active gate-control
  • voltage sharing
  • voltage-sharing schemes
  • RCD snubbers
  • series-connected power MOSFET
  • series connection
  • regenerative-snubber methods
  • turn-on switching
  • high-voltage power conversion
  • high-voltage power-semiconductor device
  • snubber capacitors
  • series connected IGCT


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