Reverberation Mapping of Optical Emission Lines in Five Active Galaxies

M.M. Fausnaugh, C.J. Grier, M.C. Bentz, K.D. Denney, G.D. Rosa, B.M. Peterson, C.S. Kochanek, R.W. Pogge, S. M. Adams, A.J. Barth, Thomas G. Beatty, A. Bhattacharjee, G. A. Borman, T. A. Boroson, M. C. Bottorff, Jacob E. Brown, Jonathan S. Brown, M. S. Brotherton, C. T. Coker, S. M. CrawfordK. V. Croxall, Sarah Eftekharzadeh, Michael Eracleous, M. D. Joner, C. B. Henderson, T. W.-S. Holoien, Keith Horne, T. Hutchison, Shai Kaspi, S. Kim, Anthea L. King, Miao Li, Cassandra Lochhaas, Zhiyuan Ma, F. MacInnis, E.~R. Manne-Nicholas, M Mason, Carmen Montuori, Ana Mosquera, Dale Mudd, R. Musso, S. V. Nazarov, M. L. Nguyen, D. N. Okhmat, Christopher A. Onken, B. Ou-Yang, A. Pancoast, L. Pei, Matthew T. Penny, Radosław Poleski, Stephen Rafter, E. Romero-Colmenero, Jessie Runnoe, David J. Sand, Jaderson S. Schimoia, S. G. Sergeev, B. J. Shappee, Gregory V. Simonian, Garrett Somers, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, D. A. Starkey, Daniel J. Stevens, Jamie Tayar, T. Treu, Stefano Valenti, J. Van Saders, S. Villanueva, C. Villforth, Yaniv Weiss, H. Winkler, W. Zhu

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We present the first results from an optical reverberation mapping campaign executed in 2014 targeting the active galactic nuclei (AGNs) MCG+08-11-011, NGC 2617, NGC 4051, 3C 382, and Mrk 374. Our targets have diverse and interesting observational properties, including a "changing look" AGN and a broad-line radio galaxy. Based on continuum-Hβ lags, we measure black hole masses for all five targets. We also obtain Hγ and He ii λ4686 lags for all objects except 3C 382. The He ii λ4686 lags indicate radial stratification of the BLR, and the masses derived from different emission lines are in general agreement. The relative responsivities of these lines are also in qualitative agreement with photoionization models. These spectra have extremely high signal-to-noise ratios (100-300 per pixel) and there are excellent prospects for obtaining velocity-resolved reverberation signatures.

Original languageEnglish
Article number97
JournalAstrophysical Journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 12 May 2017


  • galaxies: active
  • galaxies: individual (MCG+08-11-011, NGC 2617, NGC 4051, 3C 382, Mrk 374)

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Space and Planetary Science


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