Radio Catchup An interactive Segment-based Radio Listen Again Service

Christian Couch

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The radio landscape has changed drastically over the past decade.
With the availability of the Internet, broadcasters have introduced
listen again radio services for users to catch up on programmes that
they missed. However, these services often contain limited contextual
information, which makes it difficult for users to locate and navigate
to their desired content.
This dissertation presents a method to automatically segment radio
programmes and deliver the contextual parts of a programme to the
listeners using an interactive segmented web player. The results of
the empirical evaluation suggest users prefer this segmented player
over a traditional web player and that locating content is significantly
faster with this player.
The work presented here has laid the foundations for many exciting
opportunities. Individual content within shows could be searchable,
listener personalisation could be possible, and listen again services
could be vastly more user friendly in the future.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBath, U. K.
PublisherDepartment of Computer Science, University of Bath
Number of pages131
Publication statusPublished - May 2017

Publication series

NameDepartment of Computer Science Technical Report Series
ISSN (Electronic)1740-9497

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