py_bonemat_abaqus: open-source software package

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This python package provides tools to add material properties of bone to an ABAQUS finite element model input file, where the modulus of each element is defined based upon its corresponding CT data using the Hounsfield Unit (HU) and input parameters.

The package aims to be equivalent to Bonemat software developed by researchers in Bologna, Italy, but tailored for ABAQUS finite element users (as Bonemat cannot currently import ABAQUS input files). The original Bonemat can be found at, and further details can be found in published papers [1-4].

[1] Helgason B, Taddei F, Palsson H, Schileo E, Cristofolini L, Viceconti M, Brynjolfsson S. (2008) Med Eng Phys 30 [4] p444-453
[2] Taddei F, Schileo E, Helgason B, Cristofolini L, Viceconti M. (2007) Med Eng Phys 29 [9] p973-979
[3] Taddei F, Pancanti A, Viceconti M. (2004) Med Eng Phys 26 [1] p61-69
[4] Zannoni C, Mantovani R, Viceconti M. (1998) Med Eng Phys 20 [1] p735-740
Original languageEnglish
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PublisherThe Python Package Index
Media of outputOnline
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Publication statusPublished - 2016


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