Professional and governmental policy on community pharmacy: a 10-year policy review and comparative analysis (2008-2017)

Evina Paloumpi, Piotr Ozieranski, Margaret Watson, Matthew Jones

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Background: An increased role for community pharmacy might bring considerable value to healthcare systems, for example by relieving workload elsewhere in primary care through the provision of medicines-related services. This requires support from appropriate policy.

Objective(s): To explore the representation of community pharmacy in governmental and professional health policies in England (2008-2017) using the Walt and Gilson policy framework.

Methods: Relevant policies were identified using a systematic search. The content of these policies was analysed using thematic analysis. The transparency of evidence use during the policymaking process was scored in four keys areas using a recognised tool: diagnosis; proposal; implementation; testing and evaluation. Key actors involved in the development of each policy were summarised.

Results: 18 governmental policies and 7 pharmacy profession policies were included. Convergence between governmental and professional policy content was identified in 6 areas: healthcare workforce; behaviour and collaborations; utilising technology; urgent care; long-term health conditions; service provision. Divergence was identified in 5 areas: enquiry-driven culture; quality in healthcare; cancer care; mental health care; commissioning. Professional policies were less transparent in their use of evidence and had less documentation of the involvement of key actors, such as professionals and the public.

Conclusions: The profession has limited influence and/or representation in governmental policies. This may be because professional policies did not reflect concerns expressed in governmental policies and had low credibility due to limited stakeholder involvement and transparency about evidence use.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100298
JournalExploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy
Issue number100298
Early online date28 Jun 2023
Publication statusPublished - 30 Sept 2023

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The authors would like to thank Dr. Bharat Shah CBE, Sigma Pharmaceuticals and the Harold and Marjorie Moss Charitable Trust Fund. Dr. Paloumpi's PhD was funded by The Bharat Shah PhD Scholarship. Dr. Paloumpi was also supported by the Harold and Marjorie Moss Charitable Trust Fund.


  • Community pharmacy services
  • England
  • Health policy
  • Health policy framework

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