Policy environment impacting the societal harm caused by alcohol in India: Protocol for a scoping review

Jaclyn Schess, Abhijeet Jambhale, Urvita Bhatia, Richard Velleman, Abhijit Nadkarni

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Introduction The aim of this review is to provide the first consolidation of the policy environment surrounding alcohol-related societal harm in India giving researchers and policy-makers a clearer base for future reforms This review is also an important adaptation on the scoping review method for policy reviews in low-resource settings that may serve as an example for other policy reviews in similar settings Methods and analysis We will undertake a scoping review with policy relevant adaptations in order to map the alcohol-related policy environment in India Following the six-step approach put forward by ArskeyandO'Malley and refined by Levac, we will first undertake an academic scoping search to identify relevant knowledge already existing in the literature about the policy environment in India We will then use the knowledge that appears in this search iteratively, as is true to the scoping method, to develop a more targeted search of grey literature and Indian government websites for Indian policy documents These documents will be analysed using qualitative methods to synthesise the current alcohol policy environment in India Ethics and dissemination This study will only use already published information and therefore does not require an ethics review We will circulate this protocol and the final report to policy researchers in similar settings who could make use of our adaptation of the scoping review method for a low-resource setting We will also publish our findings in a peer-review journal.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere020854
JournalBMJ Open
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 14 Dec 2018


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