Physical Activity in Later Life: Shining a Light on Social Context: Summary of ESRC funded Seminar Series

Cassandra Phoenix

Research output: Other contribution

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We know that regularly engaging in physical activity is critical to improving
quality of life, decreasing risks for a wide range of chronic diseases, enhancing
social connections, and supporting us to age more healthfully. Despite this,
older adults are the least active segment of the population in the UK and
other Westernised countries. Our current health and social care systems are
not funded or designed to provide opportunities to support engagement in
daily physical activity across the diverse population of older adults in society.
So, what can we do to promote physical activity more effectively, and deliver
programmes that can reach the wide range of older adults in our communities?

Original languageEnglish
TypeSummary of Seminar Series
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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