Pathways and Gateways: The structure and regulation of architectural education

Alexander Wright (Editor), Alexander Wright, Sunand Prasas, Richard Parnaby, Kate Heron, Dickov Robinson, Alison Coutinhoto

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The Review Group’s aim is to help move toward a revised framework for architectural education which is fair, flexible and robust. The test of such a framework will be its ability to allow the UK architectural education sector freedom to innovate in the face of a rapidly changing education and professional landscape. Such innovation will be the key in generating programmes which are diverse, distinctive and internationally competitive.
The hope is that architecture can continue to attract young people of extraordinary potential and that their education will enable them to develop their ability to maximum effect. The result will hopefully see an architectural profession accessible to all people drawn from the widest possible pool of talent and a vibrant architectural education sector offering a springboard into a variety of rewarding and productive careers. In short, a framework for architectural education which allows many routes into the profession and creates many opportunities beyond it.
Initially, in reviewing the existing situation, the Review Group surveyed the range of regulatory and professional requirements to which UK architectural education is subject. The Review Group also took evidence from a variety of interested parties to establish what anomalies or difficulties resulted from the constraints within which UK architectural education operates.
Original languageEnglish
TypeUK Architectural Education Review Group Report
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014


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