Optomechanical Motion Sensors

Felipe Guzman, Oliver Gerberding, John T Melcher, Julian Stirling, Jon R Pratt, Gordon A Shaw, Jacob M Taylor

Research output: Chapter or section in a book/report/conference proceedingChapter in a published conference proceeding


Compact optical cavities can be combined with motion sensors to yield unprecedented resolution and SI-traceability in areas such as acceleration sensing and atomic force microscopy AFM, among others. We have incorporated Fabry-Perot fiber-optic micro-cavities onto low-loss monolithic fused-silica mechanical oscillators, demonstrating exquisite sensitivities better than 200am/rtHz in displacement, and acceleration sensing levels below 100 nano- g/rtHz over a 10kHz bandwidth. Similar tests have been conducted with novel fused-silica AFM sensors, reaching resolutions of 14fN. We will present our results on novel optomechanical systems that offer both, high sensitivity and direct SI-traceability in very simple and compact devices.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationASPE 2015 Summer Topical Meeting, Precision Interferometric Metrology
PublisherAmerican Society for Precision Engineering
Number of pages4
ISBN (Print)978-1-887706-68-1
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jul 2015


  • optomechanics
  • interferometry
  • precision measurements
  • acceleration
  • force


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