Operator-Norm Resolvent Asymptotic Analysis of Continuous Media with High-Contrast Inclusions

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Abstract: Using a generalization of the classical notion of Weyl m-function and related formulas for the resolvents of boundary-value problems, we analyze the asymptotic behavior of solutions to a “transmission problem” for a high-contrast inclusion in a continuous medium, for which we prove the operator-norm resolvent convergence to a limit problem of “electrostatic” type. In particular, our results imply the convergence of the spectra of high-contrast problems to the spectrum of the limit operator, with order-sharp convergence estimates. The approach developed in the paper is of a general nature and can thus be successfully applied in the study of other problems of the same type.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)373-387
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JournalMathematical Notes
Issue number3-4
Early online date26 Apr 2022
Publication statusPublished - 30 Apr 2022

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The work of the first author was supported by the Russian Science Foundation under grant 20-11-20032. The work of the second author was supported by PASPA-DGAPA-UNAM during his sabbatical leave; he thanks the University of Bath for their hospitality. The work of the third author was supported by EPSRC under grants EP/L018802/2 and EP/V013025/1. The work of the second and third authors was also supported in part by the grant of CONACyT CF-2019 No. 304005. The second and third authors are grateful for the financial support of the Royal Society Newton Fund under the grant “Homogenisation of degenerate equations and scattering for new materials”.

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  • extensions of symmetric operators; generalized boundary triples; boundary value problems; spectrum; transmission problems

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