OMERACT Filter 2.1 Instrument Selection for Physical Function Domain in Psoriatic Arthritis: Provisional Endorsement for HAQ-DI and SF-36 PF

Ying-Ying Leung, Ana-Maria Orbai, Pil Hojgaard, Richard Holland, Ashish J Mathew, Niti Goel, Jeffrey Chau, William Tillett, Christine Lindsay, Alexis Ogdie, Laura C Coates, Dafna D Gladman, Robin Christensen, Philip Mease, Vibeke Strand

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OBJECTIVES: Physical function is one of the core domains to be measured in all trials in psoriatic arthritis (PsA). We aimed to evaluate two instruments for physical function in PsA: The Health Assessment Questionnaire-disability index (HAQ-DI) and the physical functioning subscale of the Medical Outcome Survey Short-Form 36 items (SF-36 PF).

METHODS: We followed guidelines set out by the OMERACT Filter 2.1. A working group was formed to evaluate each instrument for domain match and feasibility to reach consensus. Two systematic literature reviews (SLRs) were conducted to identify the relevant articles supporting measurement properties of both instruments. Five additional measurement properties were appraised: construct validity, test-retest reliability, longitudinal construct validity, clinical trial discrimination, and threshold of meaning. New evidence was synthesized to fill the gap. Data were presented to the OMERACT technical advisory group (TAG) and the Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (GRAPPA) community for endorsement.

RESULTS: The results for seven measurement properties for HAQ-DI and SF-36 PF were presented in Summary of Measurement Property (SOMP) tables. The working group proposed "Provisional Endorsement" for both instruments. The body of evidence was approved by the OMERACT TAG. In two Delphi exercises among GRAPPA members, HAQ-DI received 93.9% and 97.5% endorsement votes, while that for SF-36 PF were 86.7% and 77.3%.

CONCLUSION: Both HAQ-DI and SF-36 PF were provisionally endorsed for the measurement of physical function in PsA trials, using the OMERACT Filter 2.1.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1117-1124
Number of pages8
JournalSeminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism
Issue number5
Early online date24 Jul 2021
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2021

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This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors. YYL is funded by the Clinician Scientist award of the National Medical Research Council, Singapore (NMRC/CSA-INV/0022/2017). AMO is funded by the Jerome L. Greene Foundation Scholar Award, the Staurulakis Family Discovery Award, the Rheumatology Research Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the Rheumatic Diseases Resource-based Core Center (P30-AR053503 Cores A and D, and P30-AR070254, Cores A and B). PH and RC (The Parker Institute, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital) is supported by a core grant from the Oak Foundation (OCAY-18-774-OFIL). LCC is funded by a National Institute for Health Research Clinician Scientist award, and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). AO is funded by NIH/NIAMS R01 AR072363.

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We would like to thank Lara Maxwell and Dorcas Beaton, members of the OMERACT TAG in valuable advices and critically reviewed the body of evidence in this project. We thank all GRAPPA PRPs who participated in various workstreams. We thank all the GRAPPA members who read through the evidence and participated in the Delphi exercises for endorsement.

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