Offender Behaviour

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Online offending can occur in a variety of ways, including grooming with a view to online or offline abuse, the distribution of images and, arguably, the incitement of others to offend. This chapter summarises our current understanding of online child sex offending behaviour and identifies knowledge gaps for further development. It first addresses the mediating impact of the online environment. The chapter then addresses the online offending behaviours: viewing child sexual abuse material, collecting child sexual abuse material, disseminating child sexual abuse material for personal interest or financial gain, grooming children with the purpose of inciting them to engage in sexual acts online, grooming children with the purpose of meeting offline for contact sexual abuse, networking with others who are sexually interested in children and participation in live streaming of child sexual abuse online. These behaviours can be directed towards children and young people of any age, from infancy until late in adolescence.

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Title of host publicationOnline Risk to Children
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  • Adolescence
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Infancy
  • Offender behaviour
  • Online environment
  • Online offending

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