Nicolas Sarkozy as political strategist: Rupture tranquille or policy continuity?

J Szarka

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The core issue addressed by this article is the coherence of Nicolas Sarkozy as a political strategist. It investigates his strategy of 'rupture' but finds that his political and policy choices have displayed considerable continuity with those of the previous administration. To support this interpretation, the article considers Sarkozy's strategies at three levels(1) the extension of the political space of the mainstream right, particularly in the 2007 presidential election; (2) the tension between Sarkozy's penchant for presidentialism and government 'ouverture', and (3) key public policy initiatives taken over 2007-2008. The conclusion proposes that, as of 2009, the major task for the Sarkozy presidency was to revisit failing policy choices in the context of a global economic crisis. Cet article examine dans quelle mesure Nicolas Sarkozy est un stratege politique coherent. Il se penche sur sa strategie de 'rupture' et montre que les choix politiques retenus s'inscrivent largement dans la continuite de la precedente presidence de droite. A l'appui d'une telle interpretation, l'article etudie les strategies sarkozystes a trois niveaux differents - (1) le developpement de l'espace politique a droite, en particulier pendant l'election presidentielle de 2007; (2) la tension entre l'attrait sarkozyste pour le presidentialisme et la pratique du gouvernement d''ouverture'; (3) des initiatives politiques-cles en 2007-8. Depuis 2009, avec la crise economique internationale, la presidence Sarkozy a du revoir les choix politiques qui ont echoue.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)407-422
Number of pages16
JournalModern and Contemporary France
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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