Multimetallic Alkaline-Earth Hydride Cations

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Reactions of dimeric β-diketiminato (BDI) magnesium and calcium hydrides with [(BDI)Mg]+[Al{OC(CF3)3}4]- provide ionic multimetallic hydride derivatives, which have been characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The exclusively magnesium centered species comprises a cation in which two [(BDI)Mg]+ units are connected by a single μ2-bridging hydride. In contrast, the greater lability of the calcium-containing system is underscored by the isolation of a cyclic heterotrimetallic species in which a CaH2 moiety is coordinated by a molecule of benzene and an aryl substituent of a [{(BDI)Mg}2H]+ cation. The homometallic dimagnesium species displays a greater facility toward reaction with diphenylacetylene than neutral [(BDI)MgH]2, although the resultant crystallographically characterized vinyldimagnesium cation equilibrates into a complex mixture of neutral and ionic species in solution. An initial assessment of both systems for the hydrosilylation of 1-hexene and diphenylacetylene evidences an inferior catalytic performance of [(BDI)MgH]2 in isolation.

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