Mesosphere/lower thermosphere prevailing wind model

Y Portnyagin, T Solovjova, E Merzlyakov, J Forbes, S Palo, D Ortland, W Hocking, J MacDougall, T Thayaparan, A Manson, C Meek, P Hoffmann, W Singer, N Mitchell, D Pancheva, K Igarashi, Y Murayama, C Jacobi, D Kuerschner, A FahrutdinovaD Korotyshkin, R Clark, M Taylor, S Franke, D Fritts, T Tsuda, T Nakamura, S Gurubaran, R Rajaram, R Vincent, S Kovalam, P Batista, G Poole, S Malinga, G Fraser, D Murphy, D Riggin, T Aso, M Tsutsumi

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