LCA is a powerful tool that supports the design of long-term strategies to mitigate emissions (Moni, Mahmud et al. 2020). It enables an analyst to:
Screen eco-friendly alternatives, for instance.
Identify technology hotspots to be mitigated to provide more sustainable scenarios.
For emerged technologies, the prospect of multiple scenarios can be considered through the system operating from small to large operational scale (Cucurachi, van der Giesen et al. 2018):
Market historical data can be used to prospect future demand

Moreover, LCA enables the comparison of the environmental performance of novel technologies with a deployed manufacturing for a specific product (Langhorst 2022). The comparison of the scenarios provides a valuable output that highlights potential environmental gains and/or burdens of different processes
Determine which operating conditions of large-scale processes impact economic and environmental performance indices;
Assist in the technological development of a single system, indicating which design parameters should be optimized to ensure its techno-economic and environmental viability.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 31 May 2023


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