IPR Policy Brief - Hydrogen storage materials: driving developments in transport and smoothing routes to renewable generation

Valeska Ting

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Hydrogen is a sustainable, non-polluting and low carbon alternative to fossil fuels; its use can reduce the negative effects of climate change. However, whilst there is public concern over climate change and support for the use of renewable energy sources, there is also distrust of using hydrogen as a fuel. New and safer methods for storing hydrogen are needed for transportation systems. In addition, generating and storing hydrogen at times when there is excess energy production capacity on the electricity grid can help balance the variability of demand and prevent wastage of surplus energy.

This brief outlines research programmes within the University of Bath’s Department of Chemical Engineering, focused on the development and evaluation of new materials for safe hydrogen storage for use in transport and grid systems. In particular, it highlights the work of University Prize Fellow Dr Valeska Ting.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2013


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