Integrated Dimensional Variation Management in the Digital Factory

Jody E Muelaner, Paul Maropoulos

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This paper describes how dimensional variation management could be integrated throughout design, manufacture and verification, to improve quality while reducing cycle times and manufacturing cost in the Digital Factory environment. Initially variation analysis is used to optimize tolerances during product and tooling design and also results in the creation of a simplified representation of product key characteristics. This simplified representation can then be used to carry out measurability analysis and process simulation. The link established between the variation analysis model and measurement processes can subsequently be used throughout the production process to automatically update the variation analysis model in real time with measurement data. This ‘live’ simulation of variation during manufacture will allow early detection of quality issues and facilitate autonomous measurement assisted processes such as predictive shimming.

A study is described showing how these principles can be demonstrated using commercially available software combined with a number of prototype applications operating as discrete modules. The commercially available modules include Catia/Delmia for product and process design, 3DCS for variation analysis and Spatial Analyzer for measurement simulation. Prototype modules are used to carry out measurability analysis and instrument selection. Realizing the full potential of Metrology in the Digital Factory will require that these modules are integrated and software architecture to facilitate this is described. Crucially this integration must facilitate the use of realtime metrology data describing the emerging assembly to update the digital model.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2011
Event7th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology - Athens, Greece
Duration: 28 Sept 201130 Sept 2011


Conference7th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology


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