Inclusive data visualisation: a multidisciplinary approach

Hua Dong, Gordon Barr, Elizabeth Blackburn, Melissa Grant, Paul Piwek, Paul Shepherd, Nick Collins

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Data are important sources of information and knowledge. To explore a more inclusive means of communicating data, a team composed of seven researchers in the UK from different disciplines conducted a series of workshops: the first to share state of-the-art data visualisation techniques in various disciplines and to identify data visualisation challenges; the second to extract universal principles from good examples of data communication, to identify data visualisation criteria, and to develop a set of strategies for inclusive data communication. On the evidence of the first two workshops, we believe there is currently a great lack of inclusivity in data visualisation. Communicating data using multiple modalities (visual, auditory, haptic…) and understanding users’ needs and expectations were proposed as the most important strategies for making data communication more inclusive for different target users. The third workshop will focus on developing and evaluating a methodology for more inclusive data communication with different groups of users (including people with disabilities).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2 Nov 2010
Event3rd International Conference for Universal Design - Hamamatsu, Japan
Duration: 30 Oct 20103 Nov 2010


Conference3rd International Conference for Universal Design


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Dong, H., Barr, G., Blackburn, E., Grant, M., Piwek, P., Shepherd, P., & Collins, N. (2010). Inclusive data visualisation: a multidisciplinary approach. Paper presented at 3rd International Conference for Universal Design, Hamamatsu, Japan.