Ideology Or Pragmatism? Open Standards And Cultural Heritage Web Sites

Brian Kelly, A Dunning, Marieke Guy, L Phipps

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    The importance of open standards for providing access to digital resources is widely acknowledged. Bodies such as the W3C are developing the open standards needed to provide universal access to digital cultural heritage resources. However, despite the widespread acceptance of the importance of open standards, in practice many organisations fail to implement open standards in their provision of access to digital resources. It clearly becomes difficult to mandate use of open standards if it is well-known that compliance is seldom enforced. Rather than abandoning open standards or imposing a stricter regime for ensuring compliance, this paper argues that there is a need to adopt a culture which is supportive of use of open standards but provides flexibility to cater for the difficulties in achieving this.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 10 Sept 2003
    EventInternational Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings (ICHIMs) - Paris
    Duration: 8 Sept 200312 Sept 2003


    ConferenceInternational Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings (ICHIMs)


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