iBikeGear (iOS software)

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Bicycles today have too many gear combinations for them to be remembered by heart in their sequence from the hardest to the softest. This is an even higher challenge when owning multiple bicycles, each of which meant for different purposes. iBikeGear allows serious cyclists to input, for up to 3 bicycles, the front and rear gear packs chosen from the most diffused versions in the market (596 and 274 models, respectively). Also, individual teeth number can be manually input for custom packs.
iBikeGear automatically calculates the gear ratio for all the possible combinations and ranks them from the softest to the hardest. Additionally, depending on the user settings, sub-optimal combinations due to excessive chain misalignment or to a disproportionally high number of teeth (for the same gear ratio) will be indicated in brackets and removed from the final list.
The final, optimized list of front/rear gear setting is memorized for each bicycle, in order to be promptly recalled and visualized on the screen. Also, a window showing the 'hardness' match among the gear combinations of the 3 bicycles is provided, helping riders to train at the same effort independently of the chosen bike.
Original languageEnglish
TypeiOS 4 application for iPhone and iPad (Objective C language)
Media of outputAppStore (Apple Inc)
PublisherApple Inc
Publication statusPublished - 2012


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