Further calibration of the Swift ultraviolet/optical telescope

A.~A. Breeveld, P.~A. Curran, E.~A. Hoversten, S. Koch, W. Landsman, F.~E. Marshall, M.~J. Page, T.~S. Poole, P. Roming, P.~J. Smith, M. Still, V. Yershov, A.~J. Blustin, P.~J. Brown, C. Gronwall, S.~T. Holland, N.~P.~M. Kuin, K. McGowan, S. Rosen, P. BoydP. Broos, M. Carter, M.~M. Chester, B. Hancock, H. Huckle, S. Immler, M. Ivanushkina, T. Kennedy, K.~O. Mason, A.~N. Morgan, S. Oates, M. de Pasquale, P. Schady, M. Siegel, D. vanden Berk

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