Formation of mesostructured thin films at the air–liquid interface

Karen J. Edler, Bin Yang

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The growth of free-standing surfactant-templated films of inorganic oxides at the air–solution interface is an attractive route to manufacture unsupported mesostructured membranes for a range of potential applications. So far this synthesis method has been relatively neglected due to the fragility of the initial films. More recent work to understand the mechanism of formation has led to development of thicker, more robust films, as well as providing new information on the general formation mechanisms of mesoporous materials whether in film or particulate form. This review describes the properties of silica and other inorganic oxide films templated by surfactants and grown at the air–solution interface, their formation mechanisms and implications for further development of these materials.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3765-3776
Number of pages12
JournalChemical Society Reviews
Issue number9
Early online date21 Oct 2012
Publication statusPublished - 7 May 2013


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