Erratum: Heterobimetallic ruthenium-zinc complexes with bulky N-heterocyclic carbenes: Syntheses, structures and reactivity (Dalton Trans. (2019) 48 (4176-4189) (DOI:10.1039/C8DT05023F))

Maialen Espinal-Viguri, Victor Varela-Izquierdo, Fedor M. Miloserdov, Ian M. Riddlestone, Mary F. Mahon, Michael K. Whittlesey

Research output: Contribution to journalComment/debate


An affiliation of one of the authors, Victor Varela-Izquierdo, was mistakenly omitted from the manuscript. The correct addresses for this author are: Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY, UK, and Instituto de Síntesis Química y Catálisis Homogénea (ISQCH), CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza, Pedro Cerbuna 12, 50009-Zaragoza, Spain. The Royal Society of Chemistry apologises for these errors and any consequent inconvenience to authors and readers.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
JournalDalton Transactions
Issue number20
Publication statusPublished - 28 May 2020

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