Envisioning a Road to Social Justice: Addressing Gender Inequality in Science & Technology through Capability Approach

Tanu Shukla, Kalyan Kumar Kameshwara

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


The focus of the study is to examine and relocate gender equality in higher education (as a workplace) using Capability Approach as the background frame. The succeeding question in the process would be how these social, cultural and psychological phenomena are addressed? It attempts to explore the factors prevalent in the structure which impacts woman’s opportunities and functionalities in the higher education. Hence, this paper attempts to highlight a list of capabilities which are imperative in conceptualizing and assessing gender inequality in Higher Education. The nature of the research problem requires investigation from the ethno-methodological approach. The database includes female teachers from one of the universities by random sampling technique. The empirical study by employing a triangulation strategy deals with the dynamics of constructs in Science and Technology indicating socio- psychological obstructions faced by women in higher education. Through this study, the capability that needs to be enriched for women can be contemplated which helps in reducing the existing disparity. Inspecting the semi-structured interviews, one can conceptualize the oppressed capabilities of women thereby enabling the researchers to relocate the gender equality in the domain of higher education. The intention of the study is essentially not to quantify the attributes of inequality to make them measurable, but to choose attributes which enable an effective comparative basis to address inequality. The empirical study reveals an existence of the element of stereotyping as a single entity and capability approach restores the uniqueness by the fractional combination of capabilities listed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 6 May 2016
EventWorld Conference on Woman’s Studies : Building Resilience: Dialogue, Collaboration and Partnerships across Our Differences - Hotel Galadari, Colombo , Sri Lanka
Duration: 5 May 20166 May 2016


ConferenceWorld Conference on Woman’s Studies
Abbreviated titleWCWS
Country/TerritorySri Lanka


  • gender
  • discrimination
  • science and technology
  • higher education


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