Electrochemically Induced Mesomorphism Switching in a Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride Lyotropic Liquid Crystal

Robert D. Crapnell, Huda S. Alhasan, Lee I. Partington, Yan Zhou, Ziauddin Ahmed, Amal A. Atalhi, Thomas S. Varley, Nadiya Alahmadi, Georg H. Mehl, Stephen M. Kelly, Nathan S. Lawrence, Frank Marken, Jay D Wadhawan

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The discovery of electrochemical switching of the Lα phase of chlorpromazine hydrochloride in water is reported. The phase is characterized using polarizing microscopy, X-ray scattering, rheological measurements, and microelectrode voltammetry. Fast, heterogeneous oxidation of the lyotropic liquid crystal is shown to cause a phase change resulting from the disordering of the structural order in a stepwise process. The underlying molecular dynamics is considered to be a cooperative effect of both increasing electrostatic interactions and an unfolding of the monomers from “butterfly”-shaped in the reduced form to planar in the oxidized form.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4630-4640
Number of pages11
Issue number7
Early online date5 Feb 2021
Publication statusPublished - 23 Feb 2021

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