El trabajo en transición: Crisis, subjetividad, reproducciones social ampliada y la sociología del trabajo

Translated title of the contribution: Labour in transition: Crisis, subjectivity, social reproduction and the sociology of work

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In this work, I explore the importance of the sphere of social reproduction to rethink the centrality of work. New labour actors are emerging and engaging in collective activities that are considered part of the process of ‘social reproduction’ in a broad sense, that is, the reproduction of society as a totality. The struggles around housing, health, education, work, facilitates the emergence of ‘labor’ identities and organiza- tions in communities, districts and global North and South streets. The concept of social reproduction (expanded) can serve to recognize the creation of alternative forms of work around social reproduction for the understanding of new forms of capitalist work in the present, and the renewal of the sociology of work.
Keywords: concrete utopia, re-espacialization, social reproduction, subjectivity, work, sociology of work.

En este trabajo, exploro la importancia de la esfera de la reproducción social para repensar la centralidad del trabajo. Sugiero que la subjetividad del trabajo es histórica. En el presente, la subjetividad laboral está escapando de su forma productivista. Nuevos actores laborales están emergiendo y participando en actividades colectivas que se consideran parte del proceso de "reproducción social" en un sentido amplio, es decir, la reproducción de la sociedad como totalidad. Las luchas en torno a la vivienda, la salud, la educación y el trabajo facilitan el surgimiento de identidades y organizaciones "laborales" en comunidades, barrios, mercados, puertos, favelas, distritos y calles globales del Norte y del Sur. El concepto de reproducción social (ampliado) puede servir entonces para reconocer la creación de formas alternativas de trabajo en torno a la reproducción social para la comprensión de las nuevas formas de trabajo capitalista en el presente y la renovación de la sociología del trabajo.
Palabras clave (6): re-espacialización, reproducción social, sociología del trabajo, subjetividad, trabajo, utopía concreta.

Translated title of the contributionLabour in transition: Crisis, subjectivity, social reproduction and the sociology of work
Original languageSpanish
Number of pages16
Specialist publicationSociologia del Trabajo
PublisherSiglo XXI Editores
Publication statusAcceptance date - 24 Nov 2017

Bibliographical note

Ana Cecilia Dinerstein (BA Politics, University of Buenos Aires; MA Comparative Labour Studies, Warwick University; PhD Sociology, Warwick University) is (Associate) Professor of Sociology in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences at the University of Bath, UK and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. e She is an Open Marxist and critical theory scholar-activist and has published books, book sections, journal articles, and blogs for both academic and non-academic audiences on issues of work, labour and social reproduction, labour subjectivity; social, rural and indigenous movements; Latin American politics, autonomous organising; the contemporary relevance uses of Ernst Bloch’s philosophy and new forms of utopia. Ana is a Research Partner of the Transnational Institute (Amsterdam) for the New Politics Project (2016-2021). She is a member of the Editorial board of Work Employment and Society (BSA) and previously she was a member of the Associate board of Sociology (BSA) and co-editor of the Sociology Special Issue 2014. Here publications include The Labour Debate (co-ed. 2002, in Turkish 2006; in Spanish 2009), The Piqueteros Road. Resistance and Legacies (co-authored, 2010); The Politics of Autonomy in Latin America: The Art of Organising Hope (2015), and Social Sciences for An-Other Politics. Women Theorising without Parachutes (ed. 2016). She has two book projects in progress: Decolonial Marxism. Resistance and Critique without Borders (Pluto Press); and A radical theory of hope. Affirming life against all the muck of ages (Bloomsbury).


  • concrete utopia
  • re-espacialización
  • re-espacialization
  • utopía concreta.
  • reproducción social
  • subjetividad del trabajo
  • sociología del trabajo
  • sociology of work
  • labour subjectivity
  • social reproduction


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