Discursive psychology of remembering and reconciliation

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Since the end of the Second World War over half a century ago, Japan has re-established a high profile membership within the global economy and international community of politics and diplomacy, although experiences of the War remain a live issue to many. The Japanese Emperor's state visit prompted a re-examination of war responsibility, restitution and reparation and apology concerning the Japanese military aggression and atrocities perpetrated during the Second World War and the period leading up to it. As a point of departure of this book, the author asks what it is to remember and to forget the past and how people's understanding and memories of the past shape the way they handle the issue of war responsibility. In this book, the author aims to examine reconciliation, and other related issues of the consequences of the war and post-war conflict as a discursive practice of remembering.

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  • Remembering
  • Reconciliation
  • Discursive Psychology
  • Discourse Anlaysis

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