Diretrizes para o planejamento e controle integrados dos processos de projeto e produção na construção civil

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Traditionally, the product development process (PDP) has been carried out by the sequential achievement of goals that are associated to separate phases. However, the increasing complexity of products and processes in the last few decades has forced companies to change the way this process is conducted. In this context, fast and effective responses to market demands has a major impact on the success of businesses in different sectors.
Considering these new demands, many companies have adopted simultaneous management practices in the product development practices, which are widely known as concurrent engineering (CE). Also, the academic community has attempted to understand this new process by devising a new theoretical framework. Based on these new approaches, several studies have been developed with the aim of improving the PDP. However, the planning and control of this process is a topic that has not been given much attention.
The aim of this research work is to propose a set of guidelines for the integrated planning and control of the design and production processes in complex, uncertain and fast construction projects. The research method involved four case studies, carried out in a construction company based in Porto Alegre, which undertakes industrial, commercial and hospital building projects for private clients. The object of analysis of these studies was the construction project, and the unit of analysis was the planning and control of the PDP.
The study indicated that the integrated planning and control of design and production was feasible and essential for reducing waste in the PDP. This task can be supported by a set of fairly simple methods and tools for design planning and control throughout the PDP. In terms of theoretical contributions, this research has made a contribution towards improving the understanding the design process nature regarding the establishment of design plans.
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  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Award date27 Aug 2003
Place of PublicationPorto Alegre
Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • Product development
  • design management
  • concurrent engineering
  • planning and control

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